Death Reload ASM
Release Date: Oct 02, 2019
Author: Aremath
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] .asm file (234 downloads)
Game: SM
Instead of dying normally, when Samus dies she reloads at the last door transition with full energy.

Intended for use with Black_Falcon's Door Glitch Fix (>=v1.2)


- Have not tested it on every door in vanilla SM, but it seems like it works on every one I've used.
- Have not tested it if you manage to kill yourself in the save room when loading a save, but it probably doesn't work, and might crash.
- Does not reset things like the escape timer.
- Does not reset Samus' speed or pose. I liked the way this looked better, but it can lead to some strange behavior -- like if you die with blue suit while running in acid, you can keep your blue suit when you reload the room if you continue to run.
- Slight graphical glitches during the door transition when you die to Kraid.

The routines are fairly simple, so if you want to add behavior like resetting the escape timer to what it was when you first loaded the room, it should be clear what to do.
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