4 Suits + Moonwalk + Extra Item Bits
Release Date: Sep 04, 2018
Author: Mettyk25jigsaw
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
4 Suits + Moonwalk + Extra Item Bits

This adds 3 new items to the game plus it gives you 13 more item bits to use.

OK, this is going to have to be very well explained....

What it does = *ADDS 2 new item suits to the game
*ADDS Moonwalk Item
*ADDS Moonwalk event (FEEE)
*ADDS 13 new unused item bits to use for items
*Changes the load up option menu screen when loading game so that only START GAME is selectable and nothing
else...Also, it clears all the other options, so they are no longer visible or usable so that moonwalk item cannot be
turned off or on this way. Which means all the other options have to be default and can't and is unable to be
changed, which they are all unnecessary anyway for almost all hacks.

New Items use the moonwalk ram address 09E4, since items are not going in the pause item inventory screen, only 1 ram address is necessary.
Now this means that out of all your items using this ram address should you chose to make more items with this ram address or using the suit items Lava suit or Acid Suit, moonwalk "HAS" to be the first one obtainable in your hack, hence is why I made a moonwalk event so you can block paths, 'OR' you can chose not to use the moonwalk item and delete/free up it's PLM data to free up space and have the first item you collect using this moonwalk ram address (09E4) and have the moonwalk activate at the same time, so you can have an item which does 2 things at the same time if you chose to do it this way.
The moonwalk event pointer is 'FEEE'. ($12 Bytes worth of data) This can also be deleted/freed up if you chose not to use the moonwalk item...do this at pc address 07FEEE ($12 Bytes).
Now, these are the unused item bits under the moonwalk ram address.

To be continued on readme word file...
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