Rinka Pirate
Release Date: Aug 13, 2018
Author: Cpt.Glitch
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: MZM
Let's make rinkas more annoying.

Rinka Pirates are sprite B6 and it's second sprite (what it holds) is sprite B5. Both if these need to be in the
spriteset. Any rinka that isn't specific to Mother Brain's room will work for the rinka. You need to create the
sprites in this order to "link" a pirate and rinka: Pirate 1, Rinka 1, Pirate 2, Rinka 2 etc.
These sprites can function independently. In other words, a pirate does not need a rinka to function. It'll
do what it normally does, just without a rinka spawning in it's hands. A rinka not linked to a pirate will
function normally.

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