Physics Table Disassembly
Release Date: Jun 23, 2018
Author: Crashtour99
Type: Assembly
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[download] .asm file (396 downloads)
Game: SM
So I decided to look into the physics engine for a project of mine, and I discovered that the majority of the variables that determine things like speed, jump height, etc. were all values in a rather large table. This doc is the entirety of that table and all values contained therein (including some things that aren't on the hex page, and some leftover beta stuff that wasn't used).
And I made it as an xkas friendly .asm file for easy use.
As an added treat, included in this file is a small chunk of ASM that returns functionality of the unused beta horizontal running speeds for running under water/lava/acid. The new/old-unused physics are a bit odd, and you may need to tweak a few other things to make them really workable, but they at least function properly now. Just uncomment the routine at the bottom of the file.

Plus, now all your physics hex tweaks are all in one convenient place! :grin:
Have fun with it folks.
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