Weapon Specific Doors
Release Date: Oct 06, 2016
Author: Mettyk25jigsaw
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Weapon Specific Doors--mixed/unmixed combinations....

Creates doors for Ice Beam, Wave beam, Spazer, Plasma Beam, Charge Beam, Grapple Beam, Bombs to open...

Uses free space from 2-7037 to 2-7A1E

Compatible with or without project base rom...

Please read readme file for instructions...

Note that this is only the first version, next 2 versions will both have grapple, bomb and charge doors, one with mixed combinations and one unmixed...They will be patchable one onto the next though...

Please PM Me or post here if there are any bugs.

Mixed combinations? This means that you find the spazer for example and you can still open spazer doors if you have them mixed with other beams equipped...

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