New Rinka Enemies
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: Grime
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
"RINKA" enemy edits

Adds four new enemies to the game that can be used anywhere. The GIF and TXT files that show you a picture of the enemy and explain how to use them all need to go in the "smile\files\Enemies\" folder. The new IDs are F7E0, F820, F860 and F8A0. Look for these at the bottom of the enemy list in SMILE after you apply this IPS and put those GIF/TXT files into Enemies folder.

These enemies use Rinka's graphics. Y'know, those glowing rings from Tourian. Except now they have different behavior and cool new color schemes.

Safe to apply if you haven't written any new data in banks $A0, $A2 or $AF at these locations:

$A0 - 1077E0-1078DF (4 new sets of enemy DNA; 64 bytes each, 256 bytes total)
$A2 - 1174A0-11751F (4 new enemy palettes; 32 bytes each, 128 bytes total)
$AF - 17EC00-17EFFF (copied Rinka graphics; 1024 bytes)

The copied Rinka graphics in bank $AF were needed for a couple of these to work. This is because the AI that I copied the Rinka graphics to ran through more frames of animation than Rinka normally does (5), which caused graphical errors. So I made an 8-frame Rinka animation using some free space in bank $AF and just pointed to that instead.

Here are some specifics on each enemy if you don't want everything. Apply the patch to a clean ROM, copy bytes and repoint as necessary:

Enemy ID : F7E0 (aka- RINNA)
Enemy DNA : 1077E0-10781F
Palette : 1174A0-1174BF (pointer = F4A0)
Graphics : Rinka's original GFX; pointer = AEB800)

Enemy ID : F820 (aka- RIONKA)
Enemy DNA : 107820-10785F
Palette : 1174C0-1174DF (pointer = F4C0)
Graphics : 17EC00-17EFFF (pointer = AFEC00)

Enemy ID : F860 (aka- RINKI)
Enemy DNA : 107860-10789F
Palette : 1174E0-1174FF (pointer = F4E0)
Graphics : 17EC00-17EFFF (pointer = AFEC00)

Enemy ID : F8A0 (aka- RIINGA)
Enemy DNA : 1078A0-1078DF
Palette: : 117500-11751F (pointer = F51F)
Graphics : 17EC00-17EFFF (pointer = AFEC00)
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