Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: JAM
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Messanger by JAM

This PLM can display any message you want when you touch it. You are free to use and modify this patch if you give me a credit.

How to use it

Extract graphic and text files in PLM folder to "smile/files/plm" folder to be able to choose them in SMILE.

Apply IPS file to the ROM.

Place PLM F2C3 to the room. When you touch it, the message will be displayed.

Set ID of message with low byte. To add new messages, use message patch by Kej. First new ID is 1D.

To display message when you just enter the room, use continuation PLM (red arrows) to expand area where messanger can be touched. Look to scroll PLMs in original ROM to understand how it works.

Place this PLM only to empty 16*16 tile of Layer 1, or this PLM will overwrite graphic under tile it used to empty air block.

Extra information

This PLM is made from Ice Beam PLM. 2 instructions were removed and another one -- shortened.

I've also changed time how long messanges starting from ID 1D will be displayed to 30 frames (0.5 seconds in NTSC version or 0.6 seconds in PAL version).

To change this value, open your ROM in hex and go to 2FFF9. 001E (30) is default, 003C (60) = 1 second in NTSC version, 000C (12) = 0.2 seconds in NTSC version.

If you've already expanded message array to use messages for new items, then you may want to change message number of ID, starting from which display time will be changed. To do so, open your patched ROM in hex, goto 2FFF1 and change this byte (single byte only!).

To make this patch work correctly, be sure that there is free space from 49600 to 496FF in your ROM. If there is come data, then open your patched ROM in hex, find a 100 (hex) unused bytes somewhere between 48000 and 4FFFF and change 2 bytes (00 96) to address written backwards where is 100 unused bytes.

This patch will write data from 27290 to 272C6 and from 2FFF0 to 2FFFB. If you wrote cust
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