Item events
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: JAM
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
New item-related events. Now you can change your room after obtaining ANY item.

How to use it.
1. Apply the patch.
2. Add extra state to your room (or use existed state)
3. Open your room in SMILE.
4. Choose Edit > State Properties
5. Select E640 -- Morphing ball
6. Redesign your alternative variant of the room.
7. Open your ROM in hex.
8. Go to your room address.
9. Search for "E640" value. It will be stored backwards in ROM. I mean, "40 E6"
A. Change "E640" value to any value located below. For example, if you want to select Chagre Beam state, replace "40 E6" with "00 FF"

FEE6 Missiles
FEF5 Super Missiles

FF04 Charge Beam
FF16 Ice Beam
FF28 Wave Beam
FF3A Spazer
FF4C Plasma Beam
FF5E Grappling Beam

FF70 X-Ray Scope
FF82 Bombs
FF94 Hi-Jump Boots
FFA6 Varia Suit
FFB8 Gravity Suit
FFCA Spring Ball
FFDC Space Jump
FFEE Screw Attack

WARNING! SMILE will not recognize new events.

If you want to do some changes after changing value, then read steps from B to D

B. Open your ROM in hex.
C. Go to your room address.
D. Change the new value back to E640.

Now you can do desired changes. To set new event again, repeat the steps from 7 to A.

If you use this patch, give me a credit.

P.S. I can write event for every item you get, even custom or their combination. PM me if you need. It's very easy if you know what to do.
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