Mother Brain Experiment
Release Date: Dec 31, 1969
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM

I'm sick of the final boss just being a boring movie before I watch the credits.
So here's a patch making it a legit boss fight.

Set up for "hackmode" patch. Instruction included for vanilla or sylandro's patch.

No hyper beam. Instead missiles & supers so your prior exploration will cost you.
Those will be divided by two for hard mode. It's already a struggle on normal mode.

Mother brain's second form can be spammed with missiles & just stand there taking it.

Not anymore.

Whatever you hit her with will move the head. Regular beams will do no damage.
Also includes damage options for the final "hyper beam" so you can adjust accordingly.

Like not getting an energy refill after the first giant metroid drain, & relying on your reserves.
Hard mode would just end you with 598 damage.

Still some lag, but so do the other bosses.

Highly experimental.
$1A bytes free space bank $A9.
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