File Select, Map Display, and Energy Counter Changes
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Three patches in one for your Super Metroid Entertainment System.

This patch will do the following:

Change a few things with the hex map to Planet Zebes.
(A few flashing circles with lines to the names would make this even better.)

Put a 4 digit energy cache on the file select screen.
(Includes a few graphic alterations...)

Put a 4 digit energy cache on the hud.
(Not much room to work with, I think it's decent.)

Top of the file includes a skip intro patch for quick testing, & samus new save starting health.
Now you can start with a nice round number like 100, & E-tanks can probably hold various values.
It does display up to 9999 energy.

Uses free space at the end of bank $80 & $81.


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