Fusion GFX
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: Quote58
Type: Graphics
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Game: SM
Fusion GFX

So a while ago I put up some fusion gfx, well since most of the gfxing I do now does not involve fusion tilesets, I thought I'd toss up all the gfx I'd ripped and edited a while back.
So the only ones that really have anything out of the ordinary would be TRO and PYR. In both I've edited it so it's not just a straight rip.
To use TRO I suggest many layers. I made some great looking rooms with it. I also included a version which has a different kind of floor tile called TRO2. For PYR I added lighting effects. I'll edit in some pics to show a couple rooms later. But it shouldn't be difficult to figure out how the tileset works.
The rest are just fusion. a couple are unfinished because fusion had huge backgrounds and sometimes there just isn't space in a SM tileset. I've also included fusion door gfx (tube and cap) as well as a palette for them.

Btw, credit only needed with PYR cause of the lighting and such.
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