Fusion Style Super Missile
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: Quote58
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Super Missile

Have you ever wanted missiles to simply upgrade to super missiles ala metroid fusion? Well now you can!
This patch makes missiles become super missiles when you pick up a super missile pack. After you pick it up, all your missiles are now super missiles. Missile tanks still increase your missiles even though they are now supers, and the same goes for enemy pickups. The missiles still use the same hud icon, so in the asm I've shifted all the icons accordingly (super missile icon no longer appears).

There are only two things I can think of that aren't there. First, item pickups still have the purple missile, that can probably be changed, but you can get around it by making pickups that don't use the colour, or that don't look like either missile or super.
Second, if in quickmet you give yourself super missiles to start with, then the hud is messed up and it doesn't work properly for obvious reasons. But if you're using the patch, there is no reason to give yourself supers.

Crashtour99 has been a big help with my asm so far. Especially thanks to his disasemblies of various banks. And he'll probably be a big help in the future as well
Black Falcon, although not directly involved in this asm, has been a huge help with understanding asm and debugging and such. So huge thanks to him for all the help he's given me.
And of course to metconst in general for making it so easy to get started with asm, and to be able to talk to some of the best asm hackers around.
So thank you.

I've included the asm as well as a patch. The patch is the asm, plus the super missile gfx changed to look a bit more like normal missiles, and it makes supers move slightly faster than normal. Probably not noticeable, but they are as fast as they can be without getting buggy.
The asm is entirely commented by yours truly, so it should be pretty easy to understand how it works.

Lastly, it uses a small amount of free space, and you can find out exactly wher
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