Scrolling Sky Fix
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: PJBoy
Type: Assembly
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
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Game: SM
Scrolling Sky Fix

So yeah. Updated the scrolling sky fix patch, it now works with changed area load stations (whose changes - contrary to my assumptions - are not propagated onto the ship's DDB in SMILE)
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Ratings and Reviews
By MetroidNerd#9001 on Jun 03, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
I like this feature, but it's not clear how to make it load the ocean background properly if it is even possible.
By SmokeyTB125 on Jan 04, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
I should probably rate this right in the middle, because I'm not entirely sure if I'm using it correctly. I can't seem to get it to make the skies normal again when I apply it. I'm unsure if it first has to be applied to a non-headered ROM and THEN opened and edited in SMILE and so forth... but if someone who knows sees this note, perhaps they can confirm or deny for me. Thanks.
By P.JBoy on Jan 26, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
This patch was pretty good back in the day, but as MetroidNerd points out, the ocean background is kinda dumb in this patch. Also the ASM is written for xkas v14 which isn't even available anymore (who does that?). Would highly recommend amoeba's patch instead of this one

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