Beam Switch BTS
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: Flamestar666
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Beam-switch BTS
Alright everyone. This is my first real ASM hack/mod/awesomeness that i created, I polished it off, and it's now done.

Pretty much, You're able to swap out to the Ice beam, Wave beam, Plasma Beam, and Spazers by simply walking over a BTS
Also which is included, is the Hyper Beam BTS

For the Ice beam, use Air-Fool X-Ray BTS 09
For the Wave beam, use Air-Fool X-Ray BTS 0A
For the Spazers, use Air-Fool X-Ray BTS 0B
For the Plasma beam, use Air-Fool X-Ray BTS 0C

Also for the Hyper beam, 07 for the Hyperbeam Activator, 08 for the Deactivator.

The Hyperbeam blocks needs to be set up a certain way for it to not mess with anything else. it should always be at last 3 tiles high, with the BTS 08 (the deactivator) surrounding BTS 07 (the hyperbeam activator) completely

There are a few graphic glitches that exist in the game, where if one beam exists on screen, and your beam is changed, it will have the wrong palette and graphics.
At this time, I don't believe that there is a fix for this (I may be wrong).
Also you may notice, that the rainbow effect is missing from the Hyperbeam. I do not know how to fix this atm.
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