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Release Date: Jun 06, 2017
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Easy title asm. $138 bytes bank $8C.

Bank $8B is a coding challenge, & bank $8C is a mess, so I went the cheapest route for custom titles.

Vanilla SM uses a 20 frame fade in for the title logo, then switches to a one frame logo.
By changing the one frame logo's pointer to a new spritemap, & including the vanilla title's spritemap,
you can now easily add to the title screen, which will appear after the fade in w/1994 nintendo.

Tiles $E0-FF from the 'Title 2' compressed gfx, under the (nintendo) logo, have been selected.
There's a small annoyance though. Tiles $E0-$E8 also display their $F0-$F8 counterparts.
Tiles $E9-$EF & $F9-$FF have their own pointers. You'll understand from the asm.

However, it's not a problem. Whatever tiles you don't need can be left transparent.
Don't want to redraw your logo 150 times until it's centered?? Change the x-pos instead.

Probably not compatible with scyzer's rom warning patch.
I'm not making it compatible either.
I'm not even using this patch.

GFX not included.
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