FF events and tubes
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: JAM
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM

FF events and tubes
Status: improvement
Effect: harmless
Bank: 84
Description: FF events to use. After cleaning out room, selected event will happen. In original ROM, after destroing all Metroids, that room will load state where is no Metroids in this room. You can do more than just rid of enemies after cleaning room. You can place an elite space pirate in Wrecked Ship. After killing him, in very far room in Lower Norfair locked doors will open.

Single event can affect many, many rooms. If there is no enemies in room with this PLM, then event will be set instantly and effect will happens when you leave this room first time.

This patch also allows you to use multiple Maridia tubes. Environment in room with tube must be water or air.

PLM to set events after cleaning the room: DB44

Extract graphic and text files in PLM folder to "smile/files/plm" folder to be able to choose them in SMILE.

Event PLM
Place PLM DB44 in the room.
Use lower byte to choose event.
Event = Low Byte.

Maridia tube
Create a room with tube.
Place PLM D70C in the room to the upper-left corner of tube. Use lower byte to choose event.
Event = Low Byte.
Don't forget to place "breaking glass" enemy in the room.

If you have questions, just open the room CEFB in original ROM and look how it works.

To take effect, add alternative state to the room (or rooms) where you want to.

This patch will overwrite unused parts of code for maridian tubes and code itself for event PLM to make it shorter, so it technically, 2 patches in one.
I've done so because both of them are using the same part of code (that will set event depending on Low Byte)

Warning! Don't forget to remove all DB44 PLMs from any room of original game except of Metroid rooms to prevent setting events by accident. Look at the rooms of escape sequence in Crateria and Tourian rooms
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