CRE removing interval
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: JAM
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
CRE removing interval
A patch that allowing to set interval of rooms, in which CRE will be removed. It can be useful, in case of using Area 06 (Ceres) twice: as Space Colony and as regular planet area. By default, in any room in Area 06, located between 7DF45 and 7E0B5 CRE will be removed. Edit certain ASM file to change it.

This patch also have a code that will erase explored map data for Ceres. It should be executed only once to make illusion of using another area different to Space Colony. The map for Ceres in colony and at planet will be the same, but player will see only part of it while in colony and another part of it while on planet. Both parts even can have common sectors. Of course, Colony map can be freely edited.

To make rooms in Ceres with CRE you'll need to place them in another region while editing them. To do so, go to Edit > Room Properties in SMILE and set any area except Ceres. When done, just change area back to Ceres. Layout of the map will looks like it's screwed up, but it's OK. It's just because SMILE is visually removing CRE in any room in Ceres but not psysically.

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