Projectile Repoint
Release Date: Jun 02, 2017
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Credit to PJ_Boy.

This was tested on a full vanilla playthrough as a standalone patch.

It changes bytes @ 030393 & 0303B7 to B8, which is now your projectile bank.
It has to be a bank lower than C0, & it has start at the very beginning of the bank.
I don't have each individual projectile pointer, & don't plan on moving tons of data.

It takes all the data from 068000-06C4C1 (bank $8D), clears it, & places @ 1C0000.
Bank $8D has your area dependant fx, heat glows, & other animated palettes.
There is $0F bytes free space (very important note that the 27 FF @ 06FFEF is a pointer).

If using a difficulties patch, you have no free space in this bank.

Also posting bank $83 fx.asm to help you use the new free space for native area fx.
You point to space in bank $8D. Space pointed to will be dw $C685 : dw $newpoint to space in $8D.
Newpoint points to your glow code. $C685 is needed for every glow.

Posting exampleglow.txt to show you how to set up a custom glow.
Is crateria's glow during escape sequence.
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