Ceres & Debug usage v1.1 [for classic SMILE]
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: JAM
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Ceres & Debug usage v1.1
A patch that allowing to fully use Ceres and Debug areas, also know as Areas 06 and 07. When I say fully, I mean saving and loading, have a text icons of these 2 areas, pressing start and viewing the map instead of crashing and so on. Except for the world hexagonal map, of course. No one knows how to edit it yet. Debug map can be freely edited with SMILE after applying the patch.

This patch also prevents CRE removing in all rooms of Ceres area to make ability to use items, doors, BTS and all stuff you can't use in Space Colony normally. Rooms in Ceres tileset will look ugly, but I made CRE removing interval patch if you need to remove CRE not in all rooms of Area 06.

Start button is active now in Area 06. Change it back in SMILE if you don't want to.

Pointer in text icons array for Ceres and Debug are points to terminator (FFFF) at 147C9. Change the values at 17EFC (Ceres) and 17EFE (Debug) to have text icons in these areas.

Pointers for map station in areas 06 and 07 are null. Create your own pointer and write X position (2 bytes), Y position (Y bytes) and terminator (FFFF word) at pointer address.

This version have 2 IPS files. Ceres&DebugV1.0fix.IPS is just a changes since version 1.0 and Ceres&DebugV1.1.IPS is a full patch that can be applied to the ROM unpatched by Ceres&Debug v1.0 earlier. In other words, v1.0 + v1.0 fix = v1.1.

Changes since v1.0
1. Added text icons explaination.
2. Save point using data updated.
3. Visibility array bug is fixed. I understood recently that SMILE ignoring ROM's visibility array poiters and use internal ones instead. Because if that, code at 11E27 will be overwrited by Debug's visibility array after editing and saving Debug map. This version fixes that. I've relocated a code to 17F00 and place visibility array to where SMILE writes it actually.

If you want to save progress of explored maps of Debug area or you just recieved message about exceeding $500 groops in SMI
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