Yellow Scrolls V1.2
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: Black Falcon
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Yellow Scrolls 1.2

Today in IRC we thought of a way how to get rid of those frakin' scroll plms.
The solution: 'Yellow' and 'Orange' scroll boxes.
This patch creates two new types of scrolling.
both boxes normally act like a red scroll, but as soon as they were touched they act like green/blue ones
('yellow' for green and 'orange' for blue. Yeah I know it's a bit difficult, but you'll soon get it :D).
The .zip file contains a (hopefully) noob-friendly guide and some pics how to use them.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There's absolutely NO SMILE support and the boxes will appear neither yellow nor orange!
I'm just using the color expressions to show the difference!

I'm very certain the patch may still have some very tiny bugs.
Just report them to me. I may be able to fix them later.

Have fun.
Hopefully we can completely kiss the scroll plms goodbye someday!

P.s. the patch is unheadered of course and uses free space @ $80CDA3.
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