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Metroid: Desolation by jasinchen [MZM Exploration], rated by ponybaloney on Apr 18, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
80% in 4:08
It's the best Metroid game since AM2R. Stop reading reviews and play it already.


The best thing to me about this hack is that the map is designed to have two completely separate linear paths thru it. You play thru the game on normal, then you unlock "True Ending" mode where you play thru again along an entirely different path with new content that wasn't available in the normal mode. The amount of thought and testing put into this game's map design is mind boggling.

It has music, enemies, graphics, and bosses from zero mission, fusion, and even am2r which is insane to me. It's really the best from all 2D metroids.

The only real complaint I have is that Kraid's fight was very annoying and tedious. I would prefer him to not walk away from the wall. Or maybe there could be a platform that you can get to that makes it so you don't have to jump to shoot him in his mouth. Once you get to the platform, it would feel rewarding getting to pump him full of missiles. But yeah that's about my only complaint.

It's not just any old hack. It's a whole new metroid game and jasinchen should be very proud of this achievement. Desolation is the new gold standard of metroid rom hacks.