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Metroid SR387 by OneOf99 and NathanTech [MZM Exploration], rated by latiusauro on Feb 14, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
% in 1:53
I played through this hack on the 'Princess' difficulty, and while I can't remember my completion rate, I did get all of the required upgrades.

For me, I felt like it's a somewhat linier experience, with some nice exploration. Some of the upgrades were hard, if not impossible for me to figure out how to get them though, and I only got 21 of them before fighting Mother Brain.

I feel that the Mines are possibly a bit too big to navigate, especially with the Phazon corrupted areas near the bottom of the map. Also, without a map room in the HQ, some bits - like the connection to the Command area and the gap between the final save room and the rest of the HQ - felt off.

Also, there's no use of Power Bombs, Plasma Beam or Spring Ball - the latter being something I feel could had been included, as having to bomb jump can be a little annoying.

Finally... Why, oh why did you have to include the Metroids in the Research area before you get the Ice Beam from beating Ridley? Which was an utter joke compared to Kraid, come to think about it.