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Hyper Metroid by RealRed [SM Exploration], rated by SlyPork on May 08, 2015 (Star Star Star Star Star )
85% in 9:01
Hyper Metroid for me was an overall excellent hack. I would highly recommend it to anyone getting into SM hacks or just anyone wanting a great metroid game. (Version 1.0)
+Boss fights were fresh and tweaked in a good and proper method
+Physics and movement were tight and fluent
+Exploration was great and rewarded you justly for your efforts
+Had a good range of difficulty (but mostly easy to vanilla)
+Very open
+Intriguing and new weapon's system and beams create a whole other way of how you think about your equipment
+The variety of puzzles was superb and I felt like there was always something new to discover
+escape sequence and tourian were both exciting, unique, and well-done (albeit maybe a bit too easy)
+Some of the best graphics I've seen for a hack by far, and easily my favorite part about the entire hack.

-Only a little lacking in direction of next goal
-size seemed to slow the hack down a bit too much for me and I sometimes felt like I had to search for hours for major upgrades in the middle of nowhere.
-Draygon was very irritating (though I'm sure it would've been a bit easier with screwattack)
-map sometimes left doors unfindable because it lack any indication of the door's existence.

Terrific hack with plenty to offer to all players. I would definitely rate this around a 4.5/5 but I can't quite give it a full five due to some of the cons. Also, palletes used weren't my favorite, but dem graphics were sick as fuck!