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Super Metroid: Redesign by Drewseph [SM Exploration], rated by RalamDren on Mar 24, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
87% in 15:24
This is one of the first Super Metroid hacks I've played. I have mixed feelings about it.
From one side, the map is really big. It's too very easy to lost yourself in Zebes. There are many secret paths, most of them necessary to finish the game, so you have to check everything! If you like exploration-based hacks, you'll love this.
The enemies are toughter than in the original and the boss arenas have changed in order to increase the difficulty of the game.
Wall jumping is now an item, and you cannot do it in all places. You can only wall jump in a specific walls.
You cannot combinate your beams until you find a special item, near to the end of the game.

While all the above is great, this hack has in my opinion lots of drawbacks.
First of all, the physics. The physics system has been changed, so now the floating effect of the original game is gone and a new gravity effect has been added. This system leads to very difficult jumps and makes Wall-jumping very difficult (and it is mandatory to finish the game).
You can only set three bombs in a row, so infinite bomb jumping is very difficult to achieve (and if you take into account the physics, the difficulty increases a lot!!).
While the different areas of Zebes are very well recreated, giving the feeling of staying in a very dangerous place, there are lots of unforgiving places, specially in Norfair. There are lots of chasms with lava. If you fall there, you are dead. Fortunately there are save points near the difficult areas, but its very annoying to fall down in a lava pool and cannot do nothing to save yourself and wait for death.
The items are very well hidden, but there are a few of them that requires extreme chain shinesparking abilities (some of them need to cross a big portion of a sector, making very difficult to made it without using savestates). By the way, the items gives you now different ammount of Missile, Super Missile or Power Bombs, depending of the difficulty of getting the item.

Finally, the escape sequence. While it is epic and very long, perhaps it's very difficult and annoying. You'll need to dominate bomb jumping (chain at least two jumps), run in a water portion without Gravity Suit, made accurate jumps in small platforms (the physics did't help!) and cross rooms very fast while the lava rises (a very cool idea, but if you fall in the lava or are slow, you're dead!). Be sure of have plenty of time when trying to finish off Mother Brain.

In summary, this is a great hack if you enjoy exploration. The new physics is the main feature of the hack, but unfortunately, is the main drawback of the game, increasing the dificult of the hack.