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Super Metroid: Ascent by Benox50 [SM Exploration], rated by MykelLinden on Aug 26, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
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Having gotten just over halfway through Zone 3, I am absolutely in love with this ROM hack. I truly believe that it surpasses vanilla Super Metroid in a good deal of ways, from its incredible use of foreground/background imagery to its incredible sense of exploration (plus the fact much of this exploration is optional) to the incredibly complex and extremely well-thought out puzzles that protect many of these optional collectibles. I also love how the rooms are named, many of them offering hints at what to expect in that room. I'm also a huge fan of how the Shinespark was redesigned and integrated into several very complex sequences throughout the game (not to mention the addition of the Shinespark E Damage Reduction collectibles).
Lastly, I also love the antigravity moments with the Morph Ball that allow you to tackle the room you're in from another perspective.

All in all, I would have to say that this ROM hack of Super Metroid is truly one of the pinnacles of achievement in hacking, and I truly hope (as I feel) that this hack becomes one of the primary benchmarks for SM hackers for years to come, for Super Metroid: Ascent is one of those hacks SM hackers should aspire to reach the depth, complexity, and enjoyment of.