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Phazon Hack by A_red_monk_called_Key [SM Exploration], rated by MetroidPlayer on Jul 30, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
71% in 11:55
This is for the hidden 0.4 version, also now known as "Alternate M: Episode Phazon" (I still have no idea why he/she didn't post the update in the main site lol). Spoiler free, first game file.

I really was a fan of this hack when 0.3 came out, too bad I wasn't good at exploration and got lost trying to find the remaining Valkyrie Keys. I decided to give the newer version another shot and boy, the changes make this game considerably better. I was blown away right from the game intro to the new mechanics implemented right away. Really foreshadows what are going to your obstacles in later parts of the game and whatnot.

The map is enormous as always (and I think bigger than before, but I digress...) and there are quite some buffed enemies along the way (I realized that they're stronger than some bosses!), and it's pretty much the two main reasons why it can't really get that glorious 4.5 to even the sweet 5 orb hack (yes, not stars); alongside the beam combos that trade strength and power with speed, of which I think is a bit unnecesary, but I guess it wants to give you another way of treating beams (like individual weapons that get "heavier"(?) rather than simple upgrades).

What I thought quite questionable were the last two bosses and the reserve tank system. The fact that you really don't get that energy in decimals, but rather in sexagesimals (might be hexadecimals though but idk); and that max% is 98 (according to some people), must've been fixed (if it even is possible). Also, keeping the Space Jump counter is something I don't really like, but I kinda got used to falling 3 room tall pits...

Other than that and a couple of bugs, this is a quite solid hack! With a bit of challenge nonetheless. I'll try and hunt those damned Phazon particles later, I need to play other hacks.