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Project ZM by FelixWright [MZM Improvement], rated by Meinos Belfort on Jan 22, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 1:15
One of the two rom hack with Project base (SM) that made me work on Metroid ES Mission.

Project ZM is basically an equivalent to PB but for Zero Mission , the control are smooth , speed keep is really nice add-on and same for a lot of others stuff (example cancelling shinespark while doing an horizental / diagonnal one).

There is a very minor , even if we can't call that a flaw because it is not a fullhack but a big improvement one. it's the wall-jump lag (6-frame) yet i can't say anything because it's already there on vanilla and only a very small details , + very easy to edit personaly just in case.

The new path added are nice and same for the others few edited color.
basically P:ZM should be an example for later date Rom hack , mostly if they wanna add better control. than the "Rusty" ones from the 2004 version of ZM.

Super Metroid: Subversion by TestRunner and AmoebaOfDoom [SM Exploration], rated by Meinos Belfort on Sep 03, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 6:25
[WIP Starting with 1.0 , switched to 1.1 right now]

This rom hack is by far the most advanced and ambitious i ever saw on super metroid till this day
the new ost is just incredible , a lot of stuff got added and the game has a good prime feeling by backtracking a lot in the game with i love searching (just don't play the rom hack if you are tired , you won't go this far)

[After Finishing the Game in hard more low % and 100%]

I'm not agree with Zhs2 even if everyone have their point of view about any rom hack
Even if the game is harder and way more longer than super , mostly in 100% run
it make a feeling of exploration like the 3D games with backtracking (Aka metroid prime) , mostly on the first play , the game have proper example / hint of how to use samus arsenal to going further into the game , even if sometime it wasn't said truly explicitely , mostly for a 100% run

Again if you aren't familliar with the metroid saga , Subversion is a great way to start , even on easy mode (Or project ZM / Project Base if you wanna try just the vanilla of ZM / Super Metroid) , since that room hack just break the limit what super metroid vanilla had , in the best way possible , even if the closing door after sometime is a bit annoying , it was the case since Nestroid , and way more logical in some way.

The biggest issue i could relate is the HARD MODE spike pit , if by mistake you fall on one , it's insta death if samus don't wanna quit the pit , making it insanely broken / Unfair and can ruin a run just because an emmenie push you on it , mostly in the beginning of the game , same for the spike at the top of some room who are less worse if you know how to get out.

That small little thing could disgust casual and even speedrunner in hard mode of the said game ig you could at least add a few more frame of invincibility for that it will be way more fair , so it lost 1 orb , for make me losing my sanity in the beginning of hard mode.
Super Metroid - Revamp by The Brothers Crafters [MZM Exploration], rated by Meinos Belfort on Jul 28, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
78% in 1:35
[Review 1.0]

A really neat "port" of super metroid in the GBATroid engine , the running animation is coherent with the original game , most of the area are almost the same as the original one with some arrangement and sequence breaking is possible IF the player found the way by themselve , mostly early powerbombs who was really harsh.

Sadly there is some flaw i noticed like the walljump who is still the same as zero mission (6 frame "lag") instead of the super metroid one who's near 0 , some music got cuted (like green brinstar who don't play unless you take a door) or don't loop (Lower norfair) , Crocmire is kinda ... off but you need to die on purpose to die crushed on the wall against him. unlike the GBA edition.

There is some missed opportinity to use the super metroid beam or fusion for ice GFX (Spazer and wave) and colors.

there is a soft lock i encountered on "purpose" the marindia glass tunnel is breakable right at the start if the early power bombs are aquired , but don't do this because it will just soft lock you if you fall down and don't have gravity or hight jump , which was my case with both items.

even with this little flaws , this port is truly well made and i didn't had major issue with collision , knock back etc. i just hope the newer version will edit at least most of these little flaws , graphical or not. as always keep it up the good work.
Super Metroid - GBA Edition by The Brothers Crafters [MZM Exploration], rated by Meinos Belfort on Jul 27, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
95% in 1:45
[4.0 Review]

It's more a 3.5 orb than 3

The port respect most of the original game on the SNES , the 1994 version.
however like some said i don't really like the way the game "force" you to take a path instead of the others , super metroid was kinda open for an old game , which is less the case in this version , mostly than some tileset wasn't good but not bad horrible (the low lava in crateria instead of acid like in the original game for example)

I join the point of Cosmic about the ship cosmetic , it's not really nice lookin at all.
The pirate shot deal way too much at the start of the game too (OH in hard mode if you aren't carefull)

There is some and others stuff that's bug me a bit , it's actually the wall jumping frame from zero mission who are still remaining , the super one was way smoother to exectute even if it will mean to remove the 2 frame for the 3 animation , but it will have almost the same felling as the original game.

even if it got discovered soon enough , the samus running and spin jumping animation don't fit really well , mostly than the ZM one don't fell natural at all unlike the Super one , even the fusion one.

And a last thing is the lack of the snes controls , for a "port" i guess it will be way better to add it in the later version.

However , even with this bunch of little flaw easy to edit. that rom hack as a lot of unexploited potential , and i suppose by "lack of time" (Maybe ?) 4.0 fixed the biggest issues but still some stuff are lacking / need to be edited. somestuff could be edited too (the elevator speed for example since the Gba one on game isn't the best at all.)

All of this for saying again , this port as a lot of potential , but sadly unexploited. and even more could be thanks to the community.
Metroid: Desolation by jasinchen [MZM Exploration], rated by Meinos Belfort on Mar 22, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
72% in 3:47
[Remade the review to be way shorter]

Very good hack overall , sadly giving 2 orb again for some frustrating things , a actually doing a very easy softlock in the special mode (which made me lost 2 / 3 hours irl runnning back and forth toward a few roms and trying clip / perfect walljump / spark which lead to .. literally a softlock)

Author know where it is and how to do the softlock very easily (just skip bombs , which is easily avoidable by mistake and how easy getting lost in that hack is frequent , + a small other softlock more or less "punitive")

Won't play it by disgust of losed all my progression and loss time.

Still recommending Normal gameplay and dread difficulty , since softlock aren't this abondant in that playstyle.

But overall a great hack , that i sadly had a very bad experience while that softlock.
will edit when it will be fixed , until then..
Metroid Another Legend by DuoLa Ayu [MZM Exploration], rated by Meinos Belfort on Dec 19, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
57% in 2:14
1.06 Review

So , the hack is mostly an half hack with some recolor / room amenagement etc...
so why only 2 orb ?

well simply because of a lot of stuff in both way by myself and in game

The edited tilling is bad mostly at the ,start of the game , some even making not any sense like at all.

Vanilla in game settings (meanning damage value dealt / taken)

Don't have any options to change the control to SNES (mostly personnal not taking in count)

Just a very few tweaks / ASM for QoL , and even with that it's not the "good one"

Still the rusty ZM physics (which i have a lot of issue on Rom hack after 2020)

Low effort / pale Gfx recolor for samus for being cleaned up (you can see the old color while shooting / saving , mostly with power and "varia")

There's a bunch more and sadly it could ruin the gameplay pretty fast

i won't say it's fully bad because there is effort and it's shown , even if the result isn't great
so yeah i finished it , but i won't recommend that version , hopping that another one will clean the mess a lot or at least most of it. then maybe i could enjoy it.

Do not recommend for now
Unnamed Zero Mission Hack by Jefe962 [MZM Unknown], rated by Meinos Belfort on Oct 08, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
12% in 0:28
So , it's just an unfinishable room hack with messy door connection who don't have any logic at all
if you don't know how to wall jump you are screwed , bombs need speedbooster in a water area , with for gravity is on crateria but you need bombs to avoid a soft-lock (???)

Just to say don't play it , it's a loss of time
Time and % are from my last save (an items correspond to 1%)
Retroid GBA Edition by powerwindows/buns [MZM Vanilla+], rated by Meinos Belfort on Aug 01, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
33% in 1:20
Yes , i finished this and sadly enough that made me wanted to play the original Nestroid even more.
it's feel greatly unfinished , Tiling is bad weird enemy position , stuff that wasn't on the original game ? and others stuff , i agree with TBC on a point And same for Tom , it's way better to play the original , Retroid SNES or The Nes Mission (even if i don't like it personally but it is may more interesting)

I hope but hightly doubt another version will fix this mess.

do not recommend.