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Super Metroid: MINI by Mr. Hiryu [SM Unknown], rated by Jordan5 on May 05, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
85% in 1:59
While this hack isn't the prettiest to look at, it is definitely a lot of fun to play. At a point not far into the hack, the whole place becomes pretty open and you can go where you like which means you can either take a relatively easy route or go to a more difficult area and pick up some great items - the flexibility and freedom make it fun and rewarding to just get a little lost and wander around.

The music is quite interesting - some areas are great (Maridia, Lower Norfair, the statue room) while others aren't so wonderful. Still more interesting than looking at the tiling, though.

So if you have a few hours to spare then I would definitely recommend picking this up (as long as you can walljump comfortably). Just try to avoid the couple permastucks dotted around.
Hyper Metroid by RealRed [SM Exploration], rated by Jordan5 on May 29, 2015 (Star Star Star Star Star )
84% in 7:28
I left my main thoughts (for v1.0) here:,3492.msg45743.html#msg45743

Unfortunately this could've been the best hack out there if not for a few annoyances. Anyway, 4/5 and worth a play for anyone. Nice job RealRed, I hope you update this hack at some point.