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SM Redesign: Axeil Edition by Drewseph [SM Exploration], rated by FireHawkX on Apr 18, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 12:02
Finished this beautiful gem last week...

We started using the final 1.21 (i think) original Redesign... I was extremely impressed at how massive it was... and also how HARD it was... I consider myself a real hardcore gamer... check out this page I made with all the games I played with my wife during the last 8 years and you'll understand why ;)
I have beaten Super Metroid many times in the past... and I am a pretty decent gamer too... but that original Redesign was HARD... after getting the varia suit (getting through the HELL run was crazy.. even with save state in an emulator) I downloaded a map to help find out all the secrets but ended up with a Axeil 1.5 map somehow... so i started doing some research... which led me here...

So I decided to try this version to see the differences for myself... and it was MASSIVE... so much that we started again from scratch using this 1.52 Axeil Edition!... Seriously this game is near perfect!... as long as you are a hardcore longtime fan of Super Metroid... and that you like crazy challenge! :) I would not recommend it for people who have not played Super Metroid or who are not very good at video games... AS much as this edition is easier, it still gets pretty hard near the end... And doing a 100% run is near impossible considering there is 1 spot (in Brinstar right above the EAST elevator) to get a power bomb upgrades that require "flying" while in morph ball... as well as that 1 place in maridia for another power bomb upgrade which required infinite bomb jump... both of thoses required me to use cheat codes to progress... so the game might not be 100% perfect... but 99.9% is close enough! :P ... Running it with an emulator helps a lot so you can quick-save and quick-load as much as possible! ;)

The tweaks and changes to gravity, control, morphball, jumping, lava/water and walljumping makes this the definitive version!

Audio, visuals and pretty much everything just feels Super Metroid... but bigger... the game is probably 2.5 times bigger than the original... i compared both maps on google image and Redesign is just massive! :) Tourian was crazy... it actually felt like a huge dungeon with puzzle and stuff to find out... at least enemies did not respawn -- ALSO, the brand new Warp feature is a godsent!! For Anyone wishing to go for a 100% run, backtracking is inevitable... and being able to warp all over the place is just amazing!

Seriously I have pretty much nothing bad to say about this game... It does get much harder... and some of the speed boost section requiring to recharge over and over were just insane... but overall the game is pretty awesome from start to finish! Beginning is much easier now with the new difficulty tweaks, weaker enemies that used to take forever to kill, and tons of polish that makes this version so much more enjoyable than the original... I can definitely say the years working on this edition paid off! :)

To the creator, thank you so much for making such an awesome game and allowing my wife (who never played the original) to enjoy it along side me (while also providing me with a new experience)

Thanks for reading! ;) and if you're not sure if you should play it or not... give it a try and see for yourself! you wont regret it!

-=Fire Hawk X=-