Release date: Apr 26, 2023
Author: Roebloz
Download: v1.0.3 (Includes full map!) (78 downloads)
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Genre: Vanilla+ [?]
Game: M1
Difficulty: Veteran [?]
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Alert! Alert! It has only been a few weeks since you defeated the X Parasites and saved the galaxy from certain threat on the BSL Station in Metroid Fusion, but as it turns out, one of the 12 SA-Xes has managed to leave using an escape shuttle on the Docking Bays to planet B-515. location of the abandoned Galactic Federation Military Base codenamed “BARON”, and is now spreading the X across the planet to prepare for an all-out invasion of the universe. Your mission is simple: Travel to B-515, infiltrate the military base and destroy the SA-X before activating the self-destruct explosives to end the mission. Is your objective clear? Good luck, Lady. -ADAM


METROID: Fused Facility is a simple hack of Metroid 1 on the NES, featuring a brand new adventure on Planet B-515, with the simple objective to destroy the growing X Parasites population on the planet. It features a completely brand-new map, new level design, new graphics, and even ports of Metroid Fusion music, courtesy of Amilgi. Much like the earlier Metroid Blue, you can also combine the Ice and Wave beam here and always respawn with full health. The paths are varied, and you have multiple ways to get through the base.

Speaking of the base, you have 5 distinct areas to explore from the colorful starting Main Area, to the fiery depths of The Heater, passing by the tropical SA-X infested Tropical Processing, and even by the menacing Bio-Hazard Research Area before finally reaching the dark Forbidden Labs, goal of your quest.

And, to avoid you getting lost, the hack even features a map to avoid those traditional Metroid 1 moments of being lost.

It is not much more difficult than the vanilla Metroid 1 game, so if you are looking for a nice little variety Metroid 1 hack, METROID: Fused Facility is for you!

Will you be able to save the galaxy?

v1.0.3: Fixed a bunch of bugs (Such as the final area's death warp), an
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