Super Metroid Super Hell
Release date: Aug 25, 2017
Author: pedro123
Download: Version 1.0 [UH] (137 downloads)
Genre: Challenge [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 1:52
Average collection: 87%
Read Me: [None]
Forum Thread: M2K2 Release Thread
Rating: Pending
Half hack, uh, complete max energy thanks,reserve and super missiles/power pombs possibles, need crystal flash bomb jump and wall jump
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Ratings and Reviews
By Syphon on Mar 13, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
96% in 2:02
The hack is pretty ok (for Pedro's standards) until you get to Lower Norfair. You pretty much need to have 13 E-Tanks, 5 (yes, 5) Reserve Tanks, 50 Supers and 50 PB's to survive the run through full acid rooms before Ridley. Thankfully there's an Energy refill in Ridley's room so it's an easy fight.

First Power Bomb is in a room you usually don't go to.
Other than that it's your typical pedro123 halfhack.
By Sapphron on May 07, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
78% in 1:43
Like Syphon said, actually a decent pedro hack. Phantoon at the beginning with 0 tanks is frustrating for some, but it's doable. Power Bombs are in a weird spot like Syphon said.
Acid bath in the entirety of LN is hard honestly. Start your crystal flashes at about 180 hp or so. Can probably make it to Ridley with about 3 crystal flashes' worth of ammo. 30 supers 35 powerbombs.
Do not recommend.

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