Another ZM
Release date: Feb 02, 2021
Author: XY riny
Download: Version 2.1.4 (100 downloads)
Genre: Exploration [?]
Game: MZM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 5:41
Average collection: 77%
Forum Thread: [None]
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
Chinese ZM romhack made by XY riny. Readme has more details, screenshots later.
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Ratings and Reviews
By Contendo on Feb 02, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
54% in 3:27
I never had such a bad time with a hack...

its a really big half hack, with a completely changed world layout but at the same time
super player unfriendly.

do not recommend.
By TheAnonymousUser on Feb 03, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
79% in 4:26
2(.5) - Kind of good, but marred by questionable design decisions.
tl;dr - Open ended hack. Very rough around the edges. Overall bad-ish, but tolerable. Frustration =/= Challenge.

@Contendo Read the damn readme. It's there for a reason.
>About difficulty: It's a little harder than the original ZM...

With that out of the way:
Got all 3 unknowns, plus the pirate base secret item.

Difficulty: It's difficult to decide whether this hack should be considered vanilla or veteran difficulty. It's somewhere in the middle. Some parts are on par with vanilla, whilst other parts are down-right disgusting (see tourian. Also how the hell do you no-hit deorem.) Game also suffers from some "Bomb Fucking Everything" with unhinted breakable tiles. Or worse, breakable tiles hidden behind layer 0.

Visuals: Hit and miss; mostly miss. Mostly basic, and painfully obvious which vanilla rooms were used where. Tiling errors, iffy tiling, visual curve balls (ie. super heat tiles in rooms that aren't super heated,) using background tiles as foreground (and in other rooms, the same background tiles are not foreground,) and various door-camera related issues (camera doesn't stop at certain doors. a minor issue.) Adding pink tiles for super heated secrets was nice, but on the flip side, having vine rooms be super heated with no indicator other than the map is a no no, for me.

Gameplay: Air control is ass. Speed keep is neat as a feature, but a little finicky to use. Mid-air morph is nice. It took me a long time to realise you can space jump in liquid, a feature I'm ok with (no this was not mentioned in the readme, but probably mentioned somewhere in zmht @shrug .) Instant door transitions were jarring at first, but won't complain about it. Less time spent in doors, the better (a smart move in the long run, as there are some misaligned doors.)

Progression: While the hack opens up after bombs, there are definitely wrong answers in which way to go (conner found himself gonig to tourian, just after getting bombs, and it did not look like a fun experience.) Some areas feel like they should be explored much later than they are accessible. It's also easy to overlook some progression items.

Puzzles: I'm not a fan of needing (or being encouraged to use) savestates to solve puzzles. Only once I ended up using savestates, and luckily, any of the bullshit puzzles are for optional items, and never (from my experience) included in main progression. Some of the optional puzzles were neat, whilst others should have stayed on paper. Don't sell 100% on frustration.

Other (without addressing anything that's already in the readme) :
- Climbing a respawn bug pipe is asking to get hit. No.
- Not breaking all the zebatites, and re-entering the room, will cause the lot to despawn.
- The first metroid section of tourian is ass.
- Being told space pirates stole our items, only for morph ball's pickup text to question why chozo leave stuff everywhere? Which one is it, riny? Did space monkeys steal our shit, or no?
- Fake PB that didn't get removed in chozodia.
+ Spreading refill saves across zebes was neat.
- Placing 3 super drops just before the grey pirates is a no no. Simple fix is to change the beam vulnerabilities to something else. Plus they die in 1 super, removing any challenge from the fight.

Readme things:
/ Gravity Suit - The game hangs up for a short while (no idea why,) but becomes playable again after the delay.
/ Mecha Ridley Escape - Timer machine broke (only shows up in MR's room. No idea if it's still ticking down in other rooms.)
/ BGM - May be referring to the Pirate Tension theme being played everywhere, if spotted by a pirate in chozodia.
/ NBMB crash when exiting chozodia - Pass. @shrug
By caauyjdp on Feb 04, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
98% in 9:11
Played this for about 10h42m
Map is huge, interconnected, doesn't resemble vanilla much and opens up with very few progression items. As a result, I think I've spend first half of playtime just wandering around aimlessly.
I'm tempted to think that more strict "obvious gating" could improve play experience.
A lot of rooms also looked much alike(partially because gba resolution I guess), especially in huge rooms in crateria.

As TheAnonymousUser said above, air control is terrible. Maybe one can get used to it, but after all this time I haven't. Only learned to mitigate it a tiny bit when it was strictly needed. Landing from jumps always felt like samus was landing on ice.

The "mechanic" that you can prevent speed counter from resetting by spinjumping felt neat - at first. Later, when there were optional puzzles that "required" spark/boost chaining it felt like an utterly broken thing, because often, instead of doing a puzzle the proper way, you could just go to the end part, build speed on like 7 tiles of flat ground and bypass most of the puzzle(also robbing you of satisfaction of managing to do it).
I would have preferred traditional shinespark chains.

That all being said, it's a good hack. Lots of exploration, alternate paths, open progression, some neat puzzles. I feel like I'll like it even more on 2nd playthrough when I get around to it.

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