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Throwback Contest Old Bois M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame Create an original Hack that draws heavy inspiration or has callbacks to previous metroid titles. Yo . . . Dec 05, 2018 Mentlegen
M2 Surface Remake sad loser M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame As the title says, my contest idea is for a relatively short Hack/Fangame which is a remake of the s . . . Aug 15, 2019 Hackmi
Crossover Contest FL's Committee of single personness. M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Create a hack of a game that places Samus in another games universe. This can be a hack of a Metroid . . . Aug 16, 2019 frozenLake
"What a nice map!" contest The MapMappers M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame The "What a nice map!" contest is all about maps. The theme could be one of the following: 1 M . . . Mar 14, 2021 Contendo
MatchMaker Contest (feat. St. ValenConst) The MatchMakers M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Love will soon be in the air! Go and make some silly (?) romantically-themed hack. (Fangames a . . . Dec 20, 2022 RT-55J
Metroid 2 Month LOO-E M2 Hacking Metroid 2. A yearly event from 1st-30th November where everyone hacks Metroid 2 Oct 22, 2023 LOO-E
The 5 room contest 5 Room Committee M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Make a hack in 5 rooms. Pretty simple, and purposefully limiting. No size limits on the rooms, and y . . . Feb 11, 2024 liamnajor