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M2 Surface Remake sad loser M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame As the title says, my contest idea is for a relatively short Hack/Fangame which is a remake of the s . . . Aug 15, 2019 Hackmi
Crossover Contest FL's Committee of single personness. M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Create a hack of a game that places Samus in another games universe. This can be a hack of a Metroid . . . Aug 16, 2019 frozenLake
Throwback Contest Old Bois M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame Create an original Hack that draws heavy inspiration or has callbacks to previous metroid titles. Yo . . . Dec 05, 2018 Mentlegen
Metroid 2 Month LOO-E M2 Hacking Metroid 2. A yearly event from 1st-30th November where everyone hacks Metroid 2 Oct 22, 2023 LOO-E
MatchMaker Contest (feat. St. ValenConst) The MatchMakers M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Love will soon be in the air! Go and make some silly (?) romantically-themed hack. (Fangames a . . . Dec 20, 2022 RT-55J
The 5 room contest 5 Room Committee M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Make a hack in 5 rooms. Pretty simple, and purposefully limiting. No size limits on the rooms, and y . . . Feb 11, 2024 liamnajor
Nestroid Vanilla Level Design Contest The Nestroid Gang M1 Make a hack of Nestroid, with the following restrictions: - No editing 8x8 background tiles - No . . . Jun 08, 2024 RT-55J
"What a nice map!" contest The MapMappers M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame The "What a nice map!" contest is all about maps. The theme could be one of the following: 1 M . . . Mar 14, 2021 Contendo