Event PLM
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: squishy_ichigo
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
I owe a lot of thanks to Black Falcon, who recently released his chain blocks. It was thanks to his asm, that I finally figured out how PLMs work.

Contains: event.asm, event.ips, F060.gif, F060.txt

Raw coding for those that either want to change the plm's offset, or just want to know how it works. To change the offset, just change the org to freespace in bank 84.

For everyone else, there is this, a simple patch for your hacks. Note it uses space at 84:F060, If you have custom plms in that spot, you will need to change that with the .asm file.

F060.gif and F060.txt
Place these in your SMILE's PLM folder so you can choose this PLM in the PLM menu in SMILE.

This plm works as follows:
when you touch this plm, it will activate an event bit, which will allow you to use more types of room states. (examples: Zebes is alive, destroyed glass tube, etc)
you can activate any event up to FF with this plm. Simply put which event you want to activate in the Low value for this plm, and have the player touch it. :D
More details on the specifics for setting it up in the F060.txt.
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