New Ship Graphics
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: RedMonkey
Type: Graphics
Rating: Pending
[download] Ship1.ips (104 downloads)
[download] Ship2.ips (99 downloads)
[download] Ship3.ips (111 downloads)
[download] Ship4.ips (106 downloads)
[download] Ship5.ips (113 downloads)
Game: SM
5 SM Ships and M2 Ship

the color palette is easy to change, and i left the red glow at the end of the palette so you could make changes if needed

red glow (except ship 5) has to be changed one color at a time the colors are at:
$6CA54-00 $6CA78-00 $6CA9C-00
$6CA5A-00 $6CA7E-00 $6CAA2-00
$6CA60-00 $6CA84-00
$6CA66-00 $6CA8A-00
$6CA6C-00 $6CA90-00
$6CA72-00 $6CA96-00
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