Skip Intro Saves
Release Date: May 14, 2017
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] v2 (.asm) (84 downloads)
[download] v3 (.asm) (81 downloads)
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Game: SM
Skip intro saves work v.2.

Now you can skip the intro, have the correct area highlighted on the hex map,
all three save files will work properly, & the map won't be broken for new save files.

Tested on a vanilla rom, & whatever hack I'm working on.

Just make sure your out of area doors have bitflag 40 as they should.
Or you will load the game with a broken map.
It's not me this time. :grin:

No free space, as it overwrites the existing routine.

Skipintrosaveswork v.3 hackmode.
You will notice how you can still change difficulties before your save file has any time saved.
There's six bytes unused in the routine. It doesn't look good, but the thing works.
V.3 hackmode is compatible with vanilla. V.2 is not compatible with hackmode.
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