Palette Blends
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: DSO
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Palette blends
This patch lets you change the palette for your tileset by simply changing the palette blend in the FX. No longer do you have to waste multiple tileset spots just for an alternate palette, vastly opening up the possibilities for your hack. Of course, I can't make your palettes for you, so currently they're all blank slates.

Blends 80-BF will activate the code, thus giving you 64 alternate palettes that can be shared with all your tilesets. I could've added more, but that would've made this patch use up more than one bank, and I highly doubt that anyone will ever need more than 64. The blends will pull the area palette from the following locations:

$4B0FF ;80
$4B21F ;81
$4B33F ;82
$4B45F ;83
$4B57F ;84
$4B69F ;85
$4B7BF ;86
$4B8DF ;87
$4B9FF ;88
$4BB1F ;89
$4BC3F ;8A
$4BD5F ;8B
$4BE7F ;8C
$4BF9F ;8D
$4C0BF ;8E
$4C1DF ;8F
$4C2FF ;90
$4C41F ;91
$4C53F ;92
$4C65F ;93
$4C77F ;94
$4C89F ;95
$4C9BF ;96
$4CADF ;97
$4CBFF ;98
$4CD1F ;99
$4CE3F ;9A
$4CF5F ;9B
$4D07F ;9C
$4D19F ;9D
$4D2BF ;9E
$4D3DF ;9F
$4D4FF ;A0
$4D61F ;A1
$4D73F ;A2
$4D85F ;A3
$4D97F ;A4
$4DA9F ;A5
$4DBBF ;A6
$4DCDF ;A7
$4DDFF ;A8
$4DF1F ;A9
$4E03F ;AA
$4E15F ;AB
$4E27F ;AC
$4E39F ;AD
$4E4BF ;AE
$4E5DF ;AF
$4E6FF ;B0
$4E81F ;B1
$4E93F ;B2
$4EA5F ;B3
$4EB7F ;B4
$4EC9F ;B5
$4EDBF ;B6
$4EEDF ;B7
$4EFFF ;B8
$4F11F ;B9
$4F23F ;BA
$4F35F ;BB
$4F47F ;BC
$4F59F ;BD
$4F6BF ;BE
$4F7DF ;BF

Second box will be 7F (For 8 full rows).

As for making the palette, you should be able to make it in the graphics editor in a backup ROM in your tileset, export the palette file in the graphics editor, then go to the specified location in SABS and re-import. Note that this has to be done in SMILE 2.3, as earlier versions won't fully import the file. Have fun!

This patch is all contained in bank 89.


Palette blends v1.1
This is an ASM file for my area palette blend patch that has been adjusted slightly so it doesn't conflic
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