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Project Base 0.7.3 by begrimed [SM Improvement], rated by Geothermal on Feb 08, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
80% in 1:48
Amazing, Simply Amazing. Although i love the original super metroid controls this hack really tightens up all the gameplay to its smoothest and eliminates all the notorious clunkiness.

noting some of my favorite improvements:

+ this game really is for everyone. veteran, casual metroid player, noob, or speed runner +
(*the game is very speed run-able)

- the 1st beam has a rapid fire feature making the beginning of the game much more enjoyable.
*(over all your firing rate is faster with any beam)

- speed boosting is now easier to preform and takes less space to start.

-you fall much faster after you jump (this means less time floating around in the air)

- wall jumping is much faster

-doors now open immediately when you shoot them making it much easier to just run through them as you shoot.

-the water in the game doesn't slow you down as much even without gravity suit and you can now wall jump while in the water.

overall the game plays much faster and tighter then before. i still love the original super metroid but the improvements in this game really are amazing. easily my favorite super metroid hack, possibly one of the smoothest 2D metroid games i have ever played (outside of AM2R).