Metroid: HD Custom Edition
Release date: Aug 08, 2018
Author: Aclectico
Download: Main Pack (Zip 1 of 2) (336 downloads)
Download: Alternate Art and Music (Zip 2 of 2) (247 downloads)
Genre: Improvement [?]
Game: M1
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 0:50
Average collection: 0%
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This pack replaces graphics, sound effects, and music for the original NES game, Metroid. It is a hack that builds upon many prior hacks and it uses Metroid mOTHER as a base (available at: It should be used with the Mesen emulator (available at:

A USA Metroid ROM must be used with the following SHA-1 checksum: ecf39ec5a33e6a6f832f03e8ffc61c5d53f4f90b

The pack includes, but it not limited to, features detailed below. Many of these features are carryover from prior hacks that have previously been developed for Metroid. Items denoted with an asterisk are brand new features that have been created exclusively for the Mesen pack.

• Increased resolution**
• Increased frame count for running**
• Scrolling backgrounds**
• Updated sound effects and music**
• File resources for alternate sound and graphics**
• New title and ending screen**
• Automap**
• New secret area in Brinstar**
• Animated environments
• Beam stacking
• Saving
• Full health on startup

Instructions detailing the installation process are included in a README file.

The README contains details the work performed by each author below that helped make the HD pack possible:

KYA, Sour, dACE, snarfblam, Infinity's End, DemickXII, Psyklax, Maximum Potion, VariaZim, WIP, Exaelart, Riklaionel, elgwen, strugglepoo, Luminist, Jorge Fuentes, Patricio Herrera, kottpower, PikaXRichMixer, mkwong98, Omegachaino, and Rundas45.

*New for Version 1.3 - Custom Edition*
-The number of frames used for the Samus run animation has been increased (special thanks to KYA).
-The jumping art for Samus has been updated (special thanks to mkwong98).
-The "minimap" is now an "automap" (special thanks to KYA).
-The download bundle now includes pre-assembled zip files for alternate graphic templates - Fusiontroid, Megatroid, and 8Bit-troid (special thanks to Omegachaino).
-Altered art for Geega enemies.
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Ratings and Reviews
By albert v. on Aug 17, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Amazing! This is a very nice hack, it's just incredible!
By Steel Sparkle on Dec 25, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Fantastic Job.
By Sapphron on Aug 28, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
% in 0:50
Nicely done! Getting all the custom files to work was really annoying, but I partially did it in the end. The redone tiles look gorgeous, bosses have been given a makeover.
Definitely a good experience if you want to play M1 all over again.
time is rta

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