Deep Freeze
Release date: Feb 27, 2017
Author: Cpt.Glitch
Download: V1.2
Download: V1.3
Genre: Quick Play [?]
Game: MZM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 55:56
Average collection: 70%
Read Me: [None]
Forum thread: Release Thread
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
Deep Freeze is a small Zero Mission hack with new environments, item progression, layout and more. Some small ASM and hex tweaks were added as well as some rad palettes. The hack should take a bit less than an hour on your first playthrough so give it a try! Try to earn all of the ending images!
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Ratings and Reviews
By Jefe962 on Feb 27, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
37% in 28:58
For a contest hack, and probably the first real ZM hack, I'm fond of it. A little bit of backtracking and difficulty stopped it from being better, but I like it.
By thedopefish on Mar 15, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
42% in 49:54
A competent ZM hack? What is this madness?

It looks nice and fits the "frozen" theme quite well, though there wasn't much in the way of thawing. I liked most of the level design, and the layered secret thing is cool (especially since that's a technique you obviously don't see in hacks of SM). The lore explanation of "Gravity Suit" is cute. Glowy MechaRidley and ultraglowy escape is great.

I got trolled once, when I found an eye door at low health and decided to backtrack all the way to the previous save room to be safe, only to go back around and through the eye door to find... another save room.

Mecha Ridley kicked my ass when I first found him, so I spent more time exploring and finding additional items (including the "secret rooms"). At that point, I still died a couple of times to Mecha because I'm bad, but the difficulty felt reasonable. You still might want to tone him down in order to let less skilled players realistically beat the hack under-equipped.

The Kraid fight was tedious because I ran out of missiles and had to farm a lot of fingernails, but he dealt so little damage that there was never any threat.
By frozenLake on Mar 17, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 88:57
I actually liked this hack a great deal, enough for me to actually put the effort in to complete it. True, I did have to ask for some help for the last few items, such as with the shinespark puzzle in order to get Power Bombs, which resulted in giving accessibility to more bosses than would be necessary to simply beat the hack, as well as with locating that last false block area, which had no real hints as to its location. I didn't particularly like the message areas, but one of the two is supposedly going to be removed, so...

Also, like dopefish, I loved the lore explaination of the gravity suit not affecting the frigid water, which allowed for having gravity be a recolor of varia, and the final suit being able to go over actual gravity. Something that I was disappointed by, was the lack of the space jump, after getting all the other upgrades available. Maybe there could have been some secret area accessible after getting Screw Attack, but I suppose it wasn't truly necessary.

In short, this was a wonderful Zero Mission hack, and I hope to see more like it in the future.
By Shadow96 on Apr 21, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 0:00
Has it's issues, but imo the first interesting zm hack around. Biggest problem is that there's only one ending that features t-swizzle
+ visuals
- underutilization of taylor swift

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