Metroid Revival
Release date: Jan 22, 2014
Author: Polick
Download: Version 1.4.1 (790 downloads)
Genre: Improvement [?]
Game: M1
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 3:00
Average collection: 0%
Rating: Pending
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Metroid Revival is a full hack of the original Metroid.

Changes include:
•Completely redesigned areas
•Some new custom graphics such as modified enemy sprites and new animated tiles including animated lava

Made and expanded with Editroid 3.0a and 3.6. Graphics drawn and edited using Tile Layer Pro 1.1.
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Ratings and Reviews
By PHOSPHOTiDYL on Dec 07, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
0% in 3:00
I mean, for a nestroid hack. The first few playthroughs you'll get lost. It was fun though.

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