Super Metroid: Kaizo Edition
Release date: Jul 20, 2010
Author: Green Samus
Download: Version 1.0 [UH] (902 downloads)
Genre: Challenge [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Expert [?]
Average runtime: 0:00
Average collection: 1%
Forum thread: Forum Thread
Rating: Pending
This is the most evil Super Metroid hack you will ever play, even more evil the SM Impossible. The world map is set up to force the user to abuse wall kicks, bomb levitation, and various engine bugs. You will have to collect 100 missiles, 20 super missiles, and 10 power bombs, as well as all of the other power-ups. Some rooms have spikes on every single floor and ceiling, while others are completely submerged in deadly lava. Other rooms require the player to find well hidden secret passages. Oh, and by the way... THERE ARE NO ENERGY TANKS

Patch made for SuperMetroid(JU).smc rom

1 hit kills
spike mazes
engine bug abuses
impossible puzzles
lava tunnels
Screenshot Screenshot
Ratings and Reviews
By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 09, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
1% in 0:00
More Items technically can be collected without major glitches.
No animals to be saved.

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