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Antidote for boredom Primed and Ready to #gitgud MP1 MP2 MP3 Go download URDE and break some GC ISOs. This contest is all about hacks of the 3D metroids. Jun 23, 2018 Jordan5
Barbeqonst Uuuuuuummmmmmmmm Committee M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame Contestants must develop a food based hack or fan-game. Just as one should eat a balanced diet, you, . . . Oct 01, 2018 mccad
bucket of water everyone M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame The theme is a bucket of water. All of your enemies should look like buckets of water. All your . . . Jun 22, 2018 thedopefish
Chozo Scrolls Don't actually do this M1 MF MZM SM edit: When I submitted this there didn't seem to be a any red text encouraging to take this seriousl . . . Jul 09, 2018 caauyjdp
Day of Egg Yolks M1 M2 MF MZM SM fangame The map is one large egg. What kind of bird? You determine. Chozo eggs would be kinda gross tho. . . . Aug 20, 2018 Bloo42
Enemy Kill counter The average ones MF MZM SM fangame Just a random thing where you have a set amount of enemies to defeat. Cannot go to ship unless crite . . . Jul 06, 2018 FurryBoy2222
Human History Contest Back To The Past Committee M1 MF MZM SM The history of earth's superior lifeform called "humans" is ambivalent and full of exciting events. . . . Aug 18, 2018 Mar99troid
Ignore previous entry . M1 Ignore my previous entry Jul 10, 2018 FurryBoy2222
Metroid (Sub)Prime Friend Group M1 M2 MF MZM SM Give the Metroid Prime games some demake love! This is all about demaking elements of the Prime game . . . Jul 05, 2018 dewhi100
Secret Treasures of Metconstia Friend Group M1 M2 MF MZM SM There is a decent stockpile of resources put in over the ages of Metconst. Put them to use! The h . . . Jul 05, 2018 dewhi100
Skyclad Observer Orbiters of the Universe M1 M2 MF MZM SM PUT THINGS INTO THE SKY. CLOUDS NEEDED, BUCKETS OF WATER AND BUBBLES ENCOURAGED. Get creative with . . . Jul 05, 2018 Scout1297
Square Contest The Cube M1 Flat rooms, you are not allowed to use any slopes or stairs. The sharper your corners the better. On . . . Jun 23, 2018 OneOf99
test contest test committee MF MZM fangame this is the greatest theme of all time Jun 04, 2018 thedopefish
The Altar of Cristener The 'Nag Devotee's M1 M2 MF MZM SM Are you a true follower of the 'Nag? Show the world your inner Cristener by paying homage to the one . . . Jun 23, 2018 Cpt.Glitch
The Berserker Contest Ministry of Anger Dispelment M1 M2 MF MZM SM You know that feeling when you miss a blind grapple jump or tricky wall jump and have to do another . . . Jul 09, 2018 MetroidNerd@9001
The Big One The Big One M1 M2 MF MP1 MP2 MP3 MZM SM fangame All hacks are part of a single planet, regardless of if they are in different games. All hacks must . . . Aug 20, 2018 liamnajor
The Reference Contest Is This Loss? M1 M2 MF MZM SM Throughout the Metroid series, many games have had references or callbacks to other games in the ser . . . Jul 22, 2018 Mentlegen